Air Quality in Canterbury

We aim to participate fully in the Clean Air Group which was launched at a public meeting on 25th January 2017.

We are particularly concerned that the Mountfield Park Development of 4000 homes in South Canterbury which has been given the go-ahead will add to the already excessive pollution in our air, largely from motor vehicles.

A recent submission from Professor Stephen Peckham to the Canterbury Planning Committee regarding this application said: measurements

There is an urgent need to review the future impact of traffic growth on the designated Air Quality Management Areas and other traffic corridors into the city. For example, Wincheap suffers continuing high pollution levels. Measurement sites that currently exceed national maximum limits for NO2 are primarily in Wincheap and on the ring road. Data is unadjusted and while diffusion tubes tend to over-estimate levels compared to automatic measurement stations they give a good indication of average levels. Nine DF tubes are registering NO2 monthly average levels in excess of 40µ/mg. NOx and NO2 are also significantly harmful to people’s health. While UK maximum levels of NO2 are 40µ/mg the world Health organisation recommends maximum levels of 20µ/mg and a recent report by the Royal College of Physicians5 identifies adverse health consequences for children above 10µ/mg. One roadside measurement site is located next to primary school and close to a children’s playground where average day time weekday NO2 levels are in excess of 30µ/mg and hourly levels can reach 100µ/mg.

OHSCA hopes to participate in independent and public monitoring of our air quality.

Ridlands Farm Development

One of the very few open spaces available for public amenity use in our area is Ridlands farm to the south-west. New proposals to develop it are in the pipeline and we expect to have to use all our resources to object to this again as SCRA did in 2014 when their submission to the Local Plan Consultation included the following:

However, if the Local Plan is approved, this land should form part of an integrated proposal to develop, long term, the K&C site, Ridlands and the KCC field as a single housing project / community system (and the OS5 land too, if that is serious). This will need to include effective provision for cycling and walking in addition to the proposed high speed bus link, and well-designed and sufficient open space. It would be very helpful if outline plans for the whole system could be drawn up soon (if the proposals to site 810 new houses in this area are approved), so that a suitable and permanent element of Ridlands Farm could be put to very much needed public open space use in the near future, and not in 10–15 years time when there is just a possibility that the new hospital will actually have been built and commissioned.
Ridlands Farm