2021 OHSCA COMMITTEE and contacts list

  • Acting SEA Convenor : Dick Vane-Wright social@ohsca.org
  • Newsletter editor : Greta Cotterell editor@ohsca.org
  • Newsletter distribution : Deirdre Hawkes
  • Events bulletins : (vacant)
  • Tree Champion : Helly Langley
  • Website Coordinator : Lucy Fletcher-Jones website@ohsca.org

If you are uncertain who to contact or there is no email address for the person you wish to contact please direct your enquiry to the Honorary Secretary or to info@ohsca.org info@ohsca.org

Note: ACRA = Alliance of pan-Canterbury Residents' Associations; SCA = Southern Canterbury Alliance. OHC = OHSCA HealthCare subcommittee; SEA = Social Events and Activities subcommittee.