Events Diary : Forthcoming Events

Sunday 9th July 2017

Tapas on the Terrace

from 5.30 to 7pm at 33 South Canterbury Road. Members and guests are asked to bring their own food and drink.

Tuesday 11th July 2017

Local History Group

meets at 10.15 am, Kent and Canterbury Club, 17 Old Dover Road

Monday 28th August 2017

Produce and Plant Exchange

from 10.30am to 12.30pm at 20 Ethelbert Road, organised by the Gardening Interest Group.

Friday 1st September 2017

Archive Film show with Tim Jones

19.15 for 19.30, St Andrew’s Church, Watling Street; tickets available from July

Sunday 3rd September 2017

Communal Picnic at St Augustine's Abbey

12.00 – 14.00. Bring your own refreshments sufficient to feed yourself and any guests. Thanks to the former OHDS, all CT1 and CT2 residents (proof may be required) are eligible for free entrance to this English Heritage site.

Friday 29th September 2017


Kendall Hall, St Mary Bredin, Nunnery Fields; details tbc

November 2017

Likely inauguration of OHSCA/CCCU talks and discussion series

Evening events expected to take place at Old Sessions House, Longport; details TBC

December 2017

Christmas Fayre

Details TBC; probable date 2nd Dec

Every Wednesday,

Towards 10,000 Steps

meets at 9.30 am sharp, outside old main gate to K&C Hospital, Ethelbert Road

Plant swap 2016
Plant swap May 2016
History walk leader Michael Steed (seated) contemplates
and describes his medieval house in Oaten Hill

Recent Events

November 29th 2016

Following the AGMs of SCRA and OHDS the Inaugural Meeting of the new merged organisation, the Oaten Hill and South Canterbury Residents Association (OHSCA), took place and a first committee was elected.

Officers: Chair Dick Vane-Wright, Vice Chair David Kemsley, Vice Chair Tim Carlyle, Treasurer Alison Culverwell, Secretary Marion Bell, Membership Secretary Sophie Scott.

Other committee members: Pat Edwards, Helly Langley, Denis Linfoot, Keith Rishworth, Chris Tucker, Fred Whitemore, Graham Wood.