What does OHSCA do?

Amongst its regular activities are the following:

  • Publishing an informative quarterly Members' Newsletter
  • The thorough scrutiny of local planning applications
  • Commenting on a wide range of development, amenity and transport proposals affecting the whole district
  • Making representation to the City Council on behalf of members with legitimate environmental grievances
  • Social events including garden plant swaps, talks on matters of local interest, picnics, parties often in members' gardens, historical and nature walks
  • Campaigning
  • Running a Local History Group which publishes booklets on the history of local families and streets
  • Improving our local environment by means of tree-planting, shrub-planting, and regular litter-picks

On many issues the Society does not act alone but in partnership with other like-minded organisations actively participating in the Canterbury Heritage Design Forum and other similar bodies.

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What have we achieved?

The two organisations that recently combined to form OHSCA were engaged over the years in a wide range of activities and initiatives. The following are but a few examples:

  • Commissioning the creation of the murals depicting local scenes and prominent local or visiting personalities that are to be found on the walls of the south-western side of the St.George's Underpass.
  • Spearheading the campaign that successfully saw the removal of the City Coach Park from Longport to Kingsmead.
  • Vigilance over planning matters has prevented the worst excesses of development detrimental to the area taking place.
  • Continued opposition to the over-development of leafy areas such as back gardens of large properties.
  • Tree planting at St. George's Place, New Dover Road, Upper Chantry Lane and Lesley Avenue has been supported with donations from the Association and its members.
  • At the Public Enquiry, helped successfully oppose the relocation of Canterbury College by raising concern about additional traffic and wanting to keep the College close to the local community.
  • Successful opposition to plans to convert publicly owned land at Ridlands Farm into a private sports centre, or a football stadium for club spectators only.
  • Being amongst the leading campaigners in the fight to stop the downgrading of the Kent and Canterbury Hospital and helped to set up the Concern for Health in East Kent (CHEK).

OHSCA's main local area of interest is defined by this map, which includes about 2000 households, but we also act on Canterbury-wide matters that affect our area of South Canterbury and co-operate with neighbouring residents’ associations. We are an active member of the Southern Canterbury Alliance of RAs (SCA) and also of the Alliance of Canterbury Residents’ Associations (ACRA).



To become a member of OHSCA, please print and complete the application form on the link below:

Membership Form