St. Augustine’s Residents’ Access

It is still possible for residents of postcodes CT1 and CT2, who are not English Heritage Members, to access St. Augustine’s free but you need to complete an application form for a free annual St Augustine’s Abbey Resident’s Pass. This needs to be renewed each year. Give the completed form to a member of staff on site with 2 photos and proof of residency in the form of 2 utility bills or a driving license. Passes should be ready within one week of application.

See here for link to application form

Doris Hughes’ tree

A tree was planted for Doris Hughes outside the Travelodge Chaucer Hotel and we are extremely grateful to Aidan Potts from Canterbury City Council as he grew the Koelreuteria from seed. We know our Pride of India is of local provenance! Thank you to all who generously gave towards this memorial to Doris.

Doris Tree
Planting Pride of India tree for Doris Hughes – 17th April 2018

Lansdown Path and Footbridge

Graffiti and what to do about it proved to be a charged issue at the first two OHSCA general meetings – so much so that your committee has felt unable to commit to collective involvement. However, one of our Members is deeply engaged – Cathy Sales. Her recent success in harnessing ideas, funds, organisational buy-in, artists and volunteers on an extraordinary scale to deliver a remarkable makeover of Lansdown path and footbridge has to be acknowledged – and all those involved must be congratulated.

“A Weed is Just a flower in the Wrong Place” mural created on the Lansdown Path bridge decoration designed by artist Gloria Treseder.

Southeast Canterbury in Bloom

In June 2022 the hard work done by members of the Green Team was rewarded with the following awards:
    - Milton Road – Outstanding,
    - St George’s Garden – Thriving.
The Oustanding award for Milton Road was especially gratifying as a considerable amount of time was invested in preparing the flower beds and installing a water butt to collect rainwater from a neighbouring roof. Special credit is due to Dave Goddard for his work on this and to Sophie Scott, Deidre Hawkes, Alison Culverwell and the rest of the team for their year-round efforts across the OHSCA area.


Second Railton report

The second Railton report into the proposed development at Mountfield Park: "Response to RGP Technical Note 39 on behalf of the South Canterbury Canterbury Alliance" is linked below:

Second Railton Report

Railton Review report

The original report into the proposed development at Mountfield Park: Transport and Highways Review on behalf of the South Canterbury Alliance is available via link below:

Original Railton Report
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