This new page is under construction. It will include information about:

OHSCA volunteering

Our main volunteering activities currently involve the Green Team and litter collecting, The Local History Group (here) and GIG (here) also create opportunities for volunteering.

MEMBERS volunteering projects

The most active Members volunteering project currently is the Graffiti removal and prevention scheme being run by Cathy Sales. A major step forward has recently been achieved with Pilgrim’s Way railway bridge. Cathy and her team also have plans for the Lansdown passage area near Canterbury East station.


In future we hope to have active volunteering in collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University and University of Kent, notably involving research (e.g. on monitoring air pollution; pedestrian and cycle movements across the city).


We do not have any plans at this time, but OHSCA would be glad to consider new initiatives.


We intend to provide links here to volunteering activities by other residents’ groups across the city, the Canterbury Society, and community groups such as Friends of Westgate Parks and Friends of Kingsmead Field.