The number of pubs and clubs in Canterbury (many with late night licences) and the large student population have both helped make Canterbury a very lively place in the evening. Unfortunately, sometimes the evenings can become too lively, with people creating noise, fighting, littering and occasionally vandalising property.

The council and the police can be very responsive to these problems, but only if you contact them and make them aware of specific instances of antisocial behaviour.

  • If a crime is being committed, please call 999
  • If a crime has already been committed, please call 01227 762 055
  • To report antisocial behaviour, please call the Public Safety Unit (PSU) on 01227 289 260

OHSCA is willing to campaign against licensed premises (in particular the extension of their trading hours) where we feel that the local community are suffering from the effects of drunken people creating a nuisance when they turn out of pubs and clubs late at night. We encourage members to make us aware of concerns regarding such premises, and we also endeavour to inform residents about new licence applications or attempts to create new licensed premises.

Links to useful licensing websites :

Cross Keys

Canterbury City Council: Licensing Department

Canterbury City Council issue a variety of licences annually, covering everything from running a pub to keeping wild animals and are also responsible for enforcing the terms of the licence.

Canterbury CC website

(DCMS) Department for Culture, Media and Sport : Alcohol & Entertainment

Information on the different types of alcohol licences available and guidance on how to apply for them.

GOV.UK DCMS website