Amongst our regular publications are:

NewsletterAn Informative Quarterly Newsletter

The Winter printed edition is delivered to more than 2000 homes throughout the OHSCA area. The Spring, Summer and Autumn editions are made available in digital format by email notice to all Members who have supplied their email addresses, and as a printed copies in greyscale (‘black and white’) to all Member households that do not have email, have not supplied an email address, or have specifically requested a printed copy.
The latest and previous editions of the Newsletter can be viewed and downloaded using these links:
Download New Year 2024 Newsletter Download Autumn 2023 Newsletter Download Summer 2023 Newsletter Download Spring 2023 Newsletter Download New Year 2023 Newsletter Download Autumn 2022 Newsletter Download Summer 2022 Newsletter Download Spring 2022 Newsletter Download New Year 2022 Newsletter Download Autumn 2021 Newsletter Download Summer 2021 Newsletter Download Spring 2021 Newsletter Download Winter 2021 Newsletter Download Autumn 2020 Newsletter Download Summer 2020 Newsletter Download Spring 2020 Newsletter Download New Year 2020 Newsletter Download Autumn 2019 Newsletter Download Summer 2019 Newsletter Download Spring 2019 Newsletter Download Winter 2019 Newsletter Download Autumn 2018 Newsletter Download Summer 2018 Newsletter Download Spring 2018 Newsletter Download New Year 2018 Newsletter Download Autumn 2017 Newsletter Download Summer 2017 Newsletter Download Spring 2017 Newsletter Download Winter 2017 Newsletter
Emailed versions of course save us printing and distribution costs and are in colour !

The OHSCA Guide to South Canterbury Garden Butterflies

Butterflies in your (South Canterbury) garden – and the 2020 Big Butterfly Count. With many of us now spending more time than ever in our gardens, can OHSCA members take up the challenge locally? But which species can we expect in our gardens, and how to tell them apart? Kent has over 40 resident species – but you can only expect to see less than half of these in a South Canterbury garden. This fully illustrated guide, written by Dick Vane-Wright tells you all you need to know.
On Sunday 22nd August 2021 we plan a walk in search of this butterfly -- see Summer Newsletter no. 19 page 6.
Below you can download a short article about this very local species. The Silver-spotted Skipper (Hesperia comma) Download The OHSCA Guide to South Canterbury Garden Butterflies

Weekly Planning Notices

The OHSCA planning officer reviews local planning applications in the OHSCA area, including proposed tree works, and informs the OHSCA committee and members about them on a weekly basis. The committee scrutinises these carefully and makes comments where appropriate. Members are encouraged to do the same, either by post or directly through the Canterbury City Council Planning website. Members get a page of information weekly, by email only, with links to the appropriate page on the Council website which details the planning applications. The decisions taken by the Planning Committee are also included and other broader planning issues are addressed.

Event Information

We send out email announcements about forthcoming OHSCA events, including social activities, and other meetings organised by like-minded groups and organisations in Canterbury relating to transport, planning, environment, local democracy or similar issues.

Local History Booklets

The Local History Group publishes booklets on the history of local families and streets in our area of Canterbury.

See the Local History page for details.

OHSCA Covid-19 Bulletins 2020
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OHSCA Newsletter

The first issue of the new merged OHSCA Newsletter was published in January 2017, this and more recent issues may be downloaded using the links above on this page.

Oaten Hill Newsletters

Back issues of the Oaten Hill Society newsletters can be found here:

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South Canterbury RA Newsletters

Back issues of the South Canterbury RA Newsletter can be found here:

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